Why Us

RUH Natural started in 2018 by an Argentinian team of medical professionals and business enthusiasts. The brand emanated from the urgency to stop using deodorant with aluminum. RUH Natural then developed a solid line made with natural ingredients consisting of organic shampoo and conditioner bars. Moving on to adding a skincare line – all toxic & chemical free -.

RUH is an Argentine brand made in an artisanal way, minimizing chemicals that are usually found in hair products and manufactured without polluting the environment. Our years of experience caring for skin and hair, added to the responsibility we feel for the environmental crisis, made us produce high-quality products manufactured in a sustainable way and with natural ingredients.

At RUH we take care of your health and the environment around you by not generating plastic packaging and not testing our products on animals.

So join the change!

Our products

  • High Quality, Natural, Eco-Friendly, Zero-Waste and Cruelty Free. These are the words we aim to stand by and meet or exceed expectations for.
    We use quality ingredients and materials while keeping our price list affordable and accessible to all.

Our Packaging

  • As we always aim to achieve the best natural quality of our products, we also focus on making our packaging biodegradable or recyclable. That includes paper wraps, paper bags and craft paper boxes for shipping.

Our Mission

  • We believe in the improvement of the overall health by reducing or eliminating the toxic chemicals we absorb from cosmetics. We believe that plastics harm our hormonal system, as well as the environment.

    We want to fill every bathroom with all natural, plastic free soap and shampoo bars.

Nature is our Religion