Are Shampoo Bars good for your hair?

Solid haircare products. Most likely, you have heard of them, maybe even used them, or maybe you have a friend who is a firm believer in them.

If you haven’t used shampoo bars, it may seem difficult to form an opinion given the abundance of information and viewpoints on the internet and in social media.


Do you think the trend is real?


Let’s address the most frequently asked question regarding solid shampoo bars: are they beneficial for your hair? Simply put, YES! They are also beneficial to the environment.

Our soap-free shampoo bars all have a mild creamy lather, pH balance, rinse well, and don’t leave any residue on your hair. Our ingredients are all vegan, cruelty-free, and luxurious thanks to surfactants made from coconut and sugar that come from sustainable sources.

Our shampoo bars won’t harm or dry out your hair and are delicate enough to care for your hair without compromising the gorgeous professional color.


What is a shampoo bar made by Ruh Natural?


Simply said, a Ruh shampoo bar is a clever, concentrated version of your salon-quality shampoo in a solid form that is free of soap, plastic, and chemicals.

Each of our shampoo bars can last you more than 40 washes and has a concentration that is equivalent to 2 conventional 350 ml plastic shampoo bottles.


Our shampoo bars use surfactants, not soap, to gently and deliciously clean your hair without needing any additional water.

Did you realize that over 65% of the water in liquid shampoos is water?

You will fall in love with how your newly washed hair feels and looks after using your ingenious tiny solid shampoo bar. It will be silky soft and beautifully shining.


Simply put, a Ruh shampoo bar gives you lovely hair while being kind to the environment and is filled with everything you need for a radiant, feel-good glow.


Are you prepared to “give up the bottle”? Shop this selection of quality shampoos.


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