All You Need to Know About Solid Ruh Natural

It might be difficult and perhaps stressful to transition from liquid to solid hair products, but you’re in luck! We’ve put up a one-stop shop with all the information you require on choosing your first bars, using them, and a few helpful hints and shortcuts. Above all, remember that we are always available to assist you in finding your favorite solid Ruh hair bars!

There are now five different shampoo bars and one conditioner bar available, as well as products designed specifically for color-treated hair, oily, dry, damaged, or irritated hair and scalps. Our bars are packed with purifying, delectably hydrating ingredients that have a wonderful scent.

While our one and only conditioner is jam-packed with nourishing nutrients to smooth and add softness, the creamy soap-free froth from Ruh shampoo bars means the product slides effortlessly and you can get the bubbles just where you need them most. Saying goodbye to added water and plastic packaging and saying hello to lustrous, content hair and scalps is easy with Ruh hair care bars, which are just as effective as any salon-quality products.


Our bars are more than what you initially think.


You get more than just pH-balanced, cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner when you buy a Ruh bar. Additionally, you’re conserving water, preventing the landfilling of single-use plastics, and obviously improving the environment

When we claim that our products have concentrated ingredients, we really mean it. Each bar of shampoo is the equivalent of 2 x 350 ml bottles of liquid shampoo, and each bar of conditioner is the equivalent of 3 x 350 ml bottles of liquid conditioner.


How to apply your effective hair care


From root to tip, we advise soaking your hair. Next, pick up your Ruh bar and wet it as well. When using shampoo bars, you should gently swipe the bar over your scalp and roots five times or so, then set the bar down. Massage your scalp while giving yourself a pleasant massage. Now is the perfect time to get frothy and lather up your hair. After rinsing off the bubbles, apply conditioner.


To apply the conditioner, swipe the bar 4-5 times on the tip of your hair. The most crucial step is to let it sink in for a few minutes. Your hair will feel more nourished the longer the conditioner is left in. Even while it might not seem like anything is happening, after you rinse it out, you’ll start to experience the smooth magic. Remember that because our bars are so concentrated, you only need a fraction of the amount you would with a liquid.



Keep your solid bars .. SOLID


Whether you keep your shampoo and conditioner in our soap dish, a wire rack, a bamboo caddy, or on a pretty ceramic plate in your bathroom, it’s very vital to keep them nice and dry in between washes. Whatever method you use, just be sure there is water drainage. Nobody wants a mushy bar, so fresh air and a dry environment will help your bars last much longer.

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